Crashes in MacOS Sierra

Category:bug report

just recently upgraded to Sierra myself and found that some window
operations would make Simile crash, with the crash report mentioning
'CALayerInvalidGeometry'. This seems to be a problem with the TclTk
included in the OS, which is version 8.5.9. It can be fixed by loading a newer TclTk, either
downloaded from ActiveState or built locally using Homebrew or Macports.
After installing this you have to replace the symlink
in '/Applications/Simile v6.7' with one to the
new Wish executable.

I would like to fix this by including a newer TclTk
with the Simile distribution, but it might be hard building one that
will also work on older Macs. 



OK, I have made a new Mac release that includes the most recent TclTk and Itcl packages, using them rather than those built-in to MacOS. It identifies itself as Simile v6.7p6.

This appears to fix the crashes on Sierra, and should run on older Macs back to OSX 10.6 (tested on 10.7). It has a few other new features, such as ability to export I/O tool graphics to SVG, and the user interface is a bit snappier.

Note that it is downloaded as a .pkg (rather than .pkg.tar or I should have updated everyone's file download on our site to the .pkg version -- please reply if yours still points to one of the older versions.