Does the mac version of simile require xcode?

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I am testing Simile6.7p5 (teaching edition) before I give an undergraduate class in Jan 2017.

I noticed that Simile on my mac (macOS Sierra) required me to agree to the license of xCode before I could compile a model (I have xCode installed, but I had not accepted the new license after reinstalling the OS). My students are unlikely to have xCode installed, so I was wondering if Simile requires xCode for the mac version?

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Simile's Mac version includes a c++ compiler in the package, but this does not work on Yosemite or later MacOS versions. So, when a Simile starts, it checks whether the XCode command line tools are installed, and if not, prompts the user to install them. If the user agrees, it all happens automatically. It is a fairly large download, about 100MB, and the user needs admin privileges. XCode includes a c++ compiler that works in the current OS.

If the XCode tools are not installed, models can only be run in debug mode (i.e., select debug rather than run in the model menu). This makes the models execute as script rather than binary code, so they run slower but you get more useful information if anything goes wrong. Other Simile features are unaffected. 



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Very helpful. Thanks for the response.