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Assigned:Hamdy Elsayed

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I have a problem related to graph function for the same model. There is a relation between two variables let say the storage volume and the elevation of the lake. In the model I need to compute the Elevation based on the storage volume of the lake for each time step. Then use the elevation to compute the released water for that time step. So, is there any method to enter that relation for the Storage_Elevation which allows the program to determine the level based on the storage value? I tried the graph function but it is very difficult to make changes or edit the table?

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The model can be accessed from here,



The sketch graph function is best suited for when you know the approximate shape of a function but do not have exact numbers to plug into it. If you do have exact values, you could instead use the table function, which you are already using in the referenced model for the incoming volumes. 

Alternatively, if you want to use the extra features of the sketch graph tool (set domain/range, interpolate, wraparound) you can sketch an approximate graph then select 'Edit as table' and paste a column of figures into the table from a spreadsheet. This is the quick way to enter a lot of exact values.

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