Simile v6.7 in R cannot load spf

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Dear Jasper,

As I recently upgraded to Simile 6.7, my R scripts, which were working fine with v6.6, no longer work.

The following error appears:

> consult.parameter.metafile(handle,"C:/Users/othoniel/Desktop/PhD/MIMES/Module 3 Research model/Steinsel Model - Scenarios/Steinsel_LandUseChanges_Pollination_1.spf")
Error in structure(.External(.C_dotTclObjv, objv), class = "tclObj") :
[tcl] can't read "runState(node00000,reloadParams)": no such variable.

It seems that R (or Tcl) fails to load .spf files. The same parameters can be set using the set.model.parameter function, which works well. I did the .spf files using the 6.7 version of Simile. Below is the part of the code that comes before the issue, in case it comes from here, although I don't think so...

I hope you will be able to deal with this issue quickly, we need to make the model run through R very soon... Otherwise, if you cannot solve it now, would it be possible to get back to the 6.6 version of Simile for the moment? The same code worked fine there.

I can send you by personal message the model, .spf etc.. if you need to test.

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,



# Path to the compiled binary of the Simile model
MODEL_PATH<-"C:/Users/othoniel/Desktop/PhD/MIMES/Module 3 Research model/Steinsel Model - Scenarios/R_Run/Steinsel_LandUseChanges_Pollination_1.dll"
# Path to the .spf file storing the model's data (the .spf is made in Simile)
SPF_PATH<-"C:/Users/othoniel/Desktop/PhD/MIMES/Module 3 Research model/Steinsel Model - Scenarios/Steinsel_LandUseChanges_Pollination_1.spf"

# __ Model loading __ #

# __ Base parameters loading __ #



I've put 6.6 in your downloads so that you can use that while the bug is fixed.



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Dear Jasper,

Thank you for the quick reply and v6.6. Hope you will be able to fix the issue easily.

In the meantime, can I also ask you a Linux version of 6.6. (DEB) please? My colleague will use it as an evaluation license for now, to test our code, as he is ordering a Linux verison at the moment too.

Thanks in advance and all the best



Sorry, Jonathan :)


Hi Benedetto, Just email an order for the Linux version ( $295  for the Standard Licence)  to (Payment terms are NET 30 days.)


I've had a look at this now, and released a new patch of Simile (v6.7p7) that fixes the problem.

However, the test example in the R package still does not work properly. This is because of the change we made in Simile v6.7, with the effect that when you reset the model, all the variable parameters go to their default values, unless a value has been set with a time point at or before the time to which the model resets. Since saved slider settings all happen at the time at which they are applied (time point NOW) they are lost in the reset.

What you have to do to display the dancer pattern is load the parameters after the reset, and propagate the values to the rest of the model by executing a depth 1 reset (derived variables only)  after loading and before entering the execution loop:


Sometime soon we will release a new version of the R package, which will fix the example code, and also use a version of the low-level interface to model execution included in the Simile distribution. The current R package bundles its own version, which can get out-of-date with respect to changes made to the interface for SimiLive, which also uses it.



Dear Jasper,

Thanks for looking at that. Indeed I suspected something from the sliders at some point.

I will test the new patch soon and confirm you it works for me.

Concerning the new R package, can I ask when you expect to deliver it? And shall we expect some changes in the functions declaration? Just to know if I should plan to re-adapt my scripts.





I'm not anticipating that the new version of the R package will change the interface commands at all -- I just need to update the example and help files to reflect the behaviour of the current version of Simile as described above. So you shouldn't need to change your scripts at all.


Dear Jasper,

Just to let you know that the new version 6.7p7 works fine indeed.

Thanks again