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Simile localisation

Group to provide documentation and discussion on localising Simile

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Simile and SBML

Interactions between Simile and SBML, including conversion of models between the two languages, amd relevance of Simile to future SBML developments.

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VarML Development Group

This group is concerned with the development of VarML, a markup language for variables in models and datasets.

robertm 4 1 Invite only
Vensim to Simile conversion

This group is concerned with the conversion of models represented in Vensim's .mdl format into Simile's Prolog format or Simile XML.

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Implementation of the Simile MOLUSC model on the ECDF cluster

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Teaching Club

Membership includes a free copy of the Teaching Edition. Open to those teaching modelling at secondary school, undergraduate or Masters level.

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SimileXML Group

XML-based languages and tools for Simile-related modelling

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