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12 September 2005: Simile v4.4 released

What's new in Simile v4.4?

Released 12 September 2005


Serious bug fixes

  • Corrected a problem on Windows machines where Simile appeared to hang when the user attempted to bring up the equation dialogue for a component with exactly three parameters (typically one with three influence arrows connected to it).
  • Models saved version with 4.3 that use the table(...) function will not open properly in earlier versions. Models created in version 4.4 will open in earlier versions of 4.x except 4.3. Version 4.4 will open models from earlier versions including version 4.3.
  • If you restore a model from the log file after losing Simile, then edit it some more, then lose Simile again, it will not be possible to restore the model from the resulting log file.


  • Added "Export PostScript" to the File menu of the single window run-time environment. This will be particularly useful to Mac and Linux users for whom the cut/paste graphics functions currently do not work.

Less important bug fixes

  • If you make three submodels, put a variable in each, make one a parameter and connect it to another, then try to substitute it with a link from the third, the result is a faulty influence.
  • A link coming out of a submodel will not be rerouted unless its destination node is highlit, even if the link is itself highlit.
  • Directly after clicking or ctrl-clicking a component in a submodel, a command from the context menu, e.g., 'select all' or 'reroute links' will only apply to that submodel, even if the context menu is pulled down from the 'edit' item in the menu bar when it should apply to everything in that window.
  • If a submodel contains a variable parameter, this can be substituted with an external value by dropping an influence from that value onto influences coming from the parameter. This did not work for fixed parameters.
  • Simile objected when loading a parameter file with floating point indices for time.
  • Slider values in a model were returned to their default positions whenever the model was rerun or reset after changing a fixed parameter.
  • Setting the display interval to zero caused an error. Now display updates are turned off.
  • Sliders did not reflect time series changes.
  • Having sliders for multi-dimensional arrays sometimes caused the execution process to crash. Now a separate slider is only created for each value of the innermost fixed dimension, and they should send the same values to those values for all outer dimensions.
  • When running a model, changing a slider value by editing its text entry, moved the slider but the value sent to the model was not updated.


Download Simile Version 4.4 now.


Upgrading To upgrade from previous versions of Simile 4 (e.g. 4.0, 4.3 ) please visit the free upgrade page

If you are interested in upgrading from v3.x, we are offering existing Simile v3.x customers the special upgrade price of US$ 245 for the Standard Edition. Please contact