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16 January 2006: Simile v4.5 released

What's new in Simile v4.5?

Released 16 January 2006


Support for parameter estimation

Simile 4.5 includes an interface to the PEST software tool for model calibration, parameter estimation and predictive uncertainty analysis.

Other Improvements

  • The model window now scrolls in response to the wheel mouse. To scroll horizontally use shift-mousewheel.
  • Added a hand tool with which the model canvas can be dragged around to supplement the scroll features.

Bug fixes

  • Corrected the problem where the file parameter dialogue box appeared after the file had already been designated by using the Simile Script command similescript::ModelWindow LoadParams.
  • Fixed the the Simile Script similescript::RunControl SetValue command.
  • A missing csv data file prevented other parameter values being loaded.
  • Windows only: opening a model with a separately-built submodel, which included an already-built .dll for that submodel, and then trying to run it with a new .dll for the parent model, produced an error message "Invalid access to memory location" when opening the new .dll.
  • Building models using Microsoft Visual c++ 6.0 under Windows XP failed.
  • Simile occasionally would not shut down properly because of communication problems with the model design and simulation processes. Now those tasks are now carried out as one process removing the communication problems.
  • Many minor bugs have been fixed.


Download Simile Version 4.5 now.


Upgrading To upgrade from previous versions of Simile 4 (e.g. 4.0, 4.3 ) please visit the free upgrade page

If you are interested in upgrading from v3.x, we are offering existing Simile v3.x customers the special upgrade price of US$ 245 for the Standard Edition. Please contact