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Nitrous oxide emissions from arable farmland

Made up of three main submodels

  • Conen, Dobbie and Smith (2000) Boundary line response of N2O to water-filled-pore-space (WFPS), temperature and N content.
  • SWBCM Soil water and capacitance model a soil water "bucket model" each layer is treated as a "bucket" that may over flow (not a water potential flow model)
  • Net radiation and evapo-transiration model - a submodel of DNDC
  • 7 January: The Scottish Executive press release.
    Scottish Agriculture and Global Change - Nitrous Oxide Emissions from Fertiliser Use
    (Simulistics Ltd. was subcontracted to model Nitrous Oxide emisions for this report. The report includes a description of the model implemented using Simile.)