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Ongoing Drupal Updates Fiasco

When I moved the site to Linode, I cloned the existing Drupal version which was 6.36. Once it was working I updated it to 6.37, which was described as the final release of v6, and which it was necessary to upgrade to before taking the leap to v7 or v8.

I have stuck with v6 since then, because it would make sense to go straight to v8 from here. This is reportedly easier than going to v7 because there is a new generation of migration tool. However we cannot currently migrate to v8 because there is no v8 version of the Project or Project Issue Tracking modules, which we use for tracking Simile issues. There is in fact no official production version of these modules at all -- the available versions are all marked alpha. So, I was planning to wait for v8 versions of these modules to appear and then migrate straight to v8.

However, this has not happened, and v6 has now reached end-of-life. Just to make things even more awkward, another minor version, v6.38, has also appeared, presumably requiring all v6 sites to upgrade to it before upgrading to a new major version. This means that some time soon I will have to:

  • Upgrade to v6.38, then
  • Upgrade to v7.x



Re. projects module. What Jasper reports seems par the the course. I guess we have to hope for the projects module to become part of Drupal core. It is central to the overall Drupal project!

The current site on 6.38 seems to have started randomly losing node aliases and user ids. I don't know why but it's possible that some change to an OS package used by Drupal has made it incompatible. First thing to do of course is switch to a supported version of the software. Thanks to a lot of hacking I sort of have a site working. It still lacks menus plus a lot of the cleverer stuff (e.g., SimiLive links) but it could be ready for primetime soon...