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Discrete event simulation under development -- testers needed

The next minor version of Simile will be released soon, but looking beyond that, we are working on adding discrete-event handling capabilities to the software. These capabilities will integrate seamlessly with Simile's current functionality, enabling event-driven processes to be incorporated in all types of submodel, and also allowing instances of variable-membership submodels to be created or destroyed by events. It is also our intention that Simile's representation of events will support any functionality that is allowed by events in the the SBML Level 2 specification. However, we recognize that there is a vast range of functionality which modellers might expect to get from events, and several possible conflicting interpretations of event symbols. Therefore we would be interested to hear from anyone who is or has been involved in a modelling project combining event-driven and system-dynamics behaviour, with a view to finding out how we might tailor Simile's event capabilities for maximum usefulness. We may want to assist in implementing your solution in the new Simile. omments and suggestions.  To add comments and suggestion please go to this forum topic

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