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Working with submodels : Context menu

The context menu (also known as the edit menu) can be invoked for the desktop, or for the contents of a submodel. The actions in the context menu apply only to the submodel for which it was invoked. To invoke the context menu for a submodel, either:

  • Right-click in the background of the submodel while in pointer mode, or
  • Click o the "Edit" item in the menu bar of a window that has been opened to display the contents of that submodel.

The context menu contains the following entries:

  • Create new (only if invoked by right clicking): Creates a node-type component or starts a flow or submodelat the point selected
  • Undo/Redo: only works for top level, and applies to the whole model
  • Copy diagram: puts a copy of the model's graphics onto your desktop's clipboard, for pasting into other graphical applications
  • Cut/copy/paste/delete: move the selected part of the diagram to or from Simile's own clipboard
  • Reroute links, align to grid: tidy up the selected part of the diagram
  • Select/unselect all, invert selection: Manipulate the selection to set which components other operations will be applied to
  • Find, find next: search the submodel's contents for captions, equations or comments containing given text
  • Properties: open the submodel properties dialogue for this submodel
  • Preferences: applies to the whole of Simile

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