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I would like to point out a quite uncoMfortable bug with the exponent:

Writing an exponent in a formula with '^' turn systematically Simile off.

Is there a reason for this shortcut to close Simile ?

Thank you for that,

Thibault M.

Thibault Moulin
Tue, 04/11/2014 - 21:34
Fri, 07/11/2014 - 09:07



I have never seen or heard of this issue.

What OS version and bitness (32 or 64) are you using?

What was the actual expression you tried?

Are you entering the expression with exponentiation to the equation bar or to the dialogue box?

Does Simile appear to be closing normally after this (i.e., offering you the opportunity to save the model) or exiting unexpectedly, perhaps with an error message?



I saw this problem on the OS version 64bits 6.1 and also on the Windows version 64bits 6.3.

On any expressions writing an exponent by using the touch '^' of the keyboard immediatly close Simile. This bug appears by using both the bar and the dialogue box.

The issue is that simile close without offering the opportunity to save the model. This is why this is quite unconvinient.

Thibault M.

You mean it is happening in both MacOS and Windows? Which versions?

Does Simile close as soon as you hit the '^' key, or only when you complete the equation?

What happens if you put '^' in a comment rather than in the equation itself?

Obviously you can type '^' in your browser without a problem, since you posted these messages.

When you restart Simile, are you given the opportunity to restore your lost work from the log file? (If you were editing a saved model, this will happen when you reopen the model)

Sorry for so many questions. Also, to work around the problem you can type pow(x,y) to get the same effect as x^y (meaning x to the power y)


I do not get the trouble avy more with the version 6.3. I suspect the bug with the exponent is hapenning with MacOS version 6.1. I do not try with the MacOS version 6.3.

Simile close directly as soon as I hit the touch '^'. I do not try it in a comment, only in an equation. Each time, I do not manage to restore my previous session with the log file. Simile files seems to have been deleted and I have to write again my work.

Up to me, this bug always happened when I hit a '^' on 6.1version of MacOS. On windows this bug has been solved with 6.3 version.

Thank you for you answer and also for the trick with pow() function !

Thibault M.