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Loading the simulation interface when double-clicking a Simile model file

Dear Jasper,

As you intend to fix the issues pointed out by Thibault in a new release, let me mention another annoying long-lasting problem with Simile 6.x on Windows platform.

When opening a Simile model by double-clicking on the sml file (saved from the Standard or the Enterprise version together with a shf file), it is necessary to choose File-Open and then Cancel to open the simulation interface window, which is not opened automatically as expected (or when launching Simile first and then opening the model).

Could you please also fix this bug?

Thank you very much for being so very reponsive to our queries...



Wed, 05/11/2014 - 22:01
Wed, 12/11/2014 - 09:31


I'll certainly see if I can do something about this.

Are you also experiencing Thibault's problem with equations using '^' for exponentiation? I am not able to demonstrate this problem at all here, so I cannot begin to fix it.


Hi Jasper,

No, I cannot reproduce this problem on my PC under Windows 7 with Simile v6.3 32 bit Enterprise, even though I use the same OS with a French keyvoard as well.

I'll see with Thibault in which circumstances the problem occurs on his computer.

Thanks again,


Hi, I've patched the current release to fix this problem -- please download and reinstall, and let me know if it's OK. Doubleclicking a model with saved execution and display state should now open the display window and run it.

Hi Jasper,

It's OK now with Simile Enterprise v6.3p1 for Windows 32 bit, thank you.

I cannot test with the Mac OS 64 bit version because Simile is unable to run the models, apparently due to an incompatibility with the new version of Xcode 6.1 (asking to install the old version 6.0 of the c++ compiler...), after upgrading to Mac OS 10.10 Yosemite... Any idea to work around this new issue?


Interesting, please post the whole message (+ "more info...") so I can get an idea of what to do!

In the mean time if you have Xcode installed you could try selecting 'GNU' in Simile -> Preferences -> Build -> Use which c++ compiler? That should use the installed compiler rather than the one bundled in the Simile package. Please let me know if that works too.



I solved the problem by installing the whole Xcode 6.1 and not simply the compiler. Simile is now working fine!

I will now check that the spatial grid bug has been fixed by your patch.



François, do you suppose you could write a note on the Yosemite problem and how you solved it, and put it up in a new thread? We don't have any machine here that can run Yosemite.