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21st April 2006: Simile v4.6 released

What's new in Simile v4.6?

Released 21st April 2006


Simile 4.6 is a maintenance release, and does not add any new features. Here is a list of some of the more significant issues that have been addressed since Simile v4.5:

Model code generation

  • Simile still cannot build a model as two separate submodel .dlls if one contains a compartment and the other the bowtie of a flow connecting to it, but at least it now warns rather than crashing if this is attempted
  • A number of problems with unit conversion have been fixed, in particular those relating to time units, the relation between flows and compartments, and the time unit set in the run control.
  • The code generator is now more strict about where models can use the 'made in same time step' influence property to avoid a circularity problem; it's for your own good!

Linux and MacOS issues

  • Simile will now install and run on x86-64 Linux platforms, although it is still native 32-bit itself.
  • There is a new end-user licence agreement, and users of the MacOS and Linux versions are now required to accept it explicitly
  • The MacOS version could hang when trying to restore an unsaved model from the log file; it now does this properly
  • Second tab of table helper preferences can now be selected in MacOS version
  • MacOS and Linux versions now less likely to fail due to very large explicit arrays or tables in the equations

Legacy compatibility problems

  • The preferences file is checked when Simile starts, because some very old versions of this file could cause problems with recent releases
  • Simile now produces a clear message if you attempt to start it by doubleclicking a bogus model file.
  • Pasting a selection into a model containing an equation table would corrupt it; this is fixed.

Equation handling

  • An equation will now keep its units specification, even if adding another influence to the component makes the equation itself invalid
  • Ordinary variables can now be changed into parameters without causing a problem.
  • Meta-bug: bugs in handling user input to the equation dialogue could leave it impossible to get rid of without exiting Simile. This will no longer happen even if there are more input-handling bugs!

I/O Tools

  • X-Y Plotter tool would lose track of which trace was which individual as they were created and destroyed; it now keeps track
  • Table helper can now append its data to an existing file; useful for scripts saving data from several runs in one file (oops, I said there weren't any new features)
  • The PEST interface failed to work if the model filename contained spaces. Now it works fine.


  • A certain sequence of actions could result in two component bar buttons appearing to be down at the same time. Not any more.
  • Clearing a desktop now sets its associated filename to untitled, so you don't accidentally overwrite a saved model with a new file that no longer contains it
  • Many even more minor bugs have been fixed.


Download Simile Version 4.6 now.


Upgrading To upgrade from previous versions of Simile 4 (e.g. 4.0, 4.3 ) please visit the free upgrade page

If you are interested in upgrading from v3.x, we are offering existing Simile v3.x customers the special upgrade price of US$ 245 for the Standard Edition. Please contact