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Privacy policy

On registering for this web site your email address is collected to allow notifications to be sent to you. The email addresses are not passed on to third parties. Registration has the option to give: your occupation, website, organisation and interests that may be of use for self promotion and others in your field, as appropriate in a public research setting. Users can choose not to enter that data. Other registered users may find that data but do not have access to other's email addresses or the facility to send messages other than publically via forums.

This web site does not handle any information on credit card transactions. All  credit card transcations are handle by WorldPay, a leading  world wide provider of electronic payment processing solutions. All information required for a transaction is dealt with by WorldPay on their secure systems and are not stored by Simulistics.

Simulistics does keep records of sales as required to by law (taxes and company law) and for running of the business. We do not provide data to third parties routinely except VAT numbers of customers in other EC countries for EC VAT accounting.  Tax authorities will be shown invoices and receipts if they inspect our records.

 Cookies are small text files managed by your browser to store information for the web server about the user: enabling the server to handle user accounts and so so on. Chains of web severs can use cookies to track web use. This web site does not take part in any such practice.