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Download Simile *Linux special offer!*

From this page you can download Simile in either the full or evaluation versions.

Simile version 7.1.7 was released on 11th Jun 2024 for Windows, Linux and for MacOS X.

For customers in Korea our exclusive redistributor is Decision Science with a "Koreanised" version of Simile with translated menus, dialogue boxes, messages and help. Decision Science

If you choose to download either the Standard or Enterprise licence, you will be taken to a secure credit card payment area hosted by WorldPay. Following successful payment authorisation, you will be offered a link to download the Simile v7.1 installation file for your chosen operating system.

If you have any difficulties at all with the process, please do not hesitate to contact us immediately, by telephone or by email, and we will ensure that the problem is resolved.

To update Standard or Enterprise Editions of previous versions of Simile 6 (e.g. 6.1, 6.3 ):
please log-in to and go to the file download section of your account page. If you have a licence for the Standard or Enterprise licence but do not have a log in please register using the link on the front page and also email to help us respond promptly.

To update the Evaluation licence please download the new version from this page.

There is a 50% discount for users registered as in Education or Public Research

Enterprise licence US$2395
*Linux special offer!* US$1,197.50

Our developer licence, designed for those who want to distribute their models to other users who have not bought Simile. Model built by the Enterprise licence will run in the free Evaluation licence.


Simile v7.1 Enterprise licence - US $2395
*Linux special offer!* US$ US $1,197.50

Standard licence US$1195
*Linux special offer!* US$597.50

Our personal licence, designed for collaboration and individual use.


Simile v7.1 Standard licence - US $1195
*Linux special offer!* US $597.50

Evaluation licence

Our free licence, designed specifically for people new to Simile modelling. Featuring the full functionality of the Standard licence, it is only limited in the size of models it can open or save.

NB The Evaluation Edition, version 7.17 will expire on 1st Mar 2025. This is to ensure users have a reasonably up to date version to evaluate and that Simulistics does not receive requests to support obsolete versions of the Evaluation licence.

If you would like to receive further information about Simile as it develops, please leave us your contact details.

Simile Evaluation licence - FREE