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Thanks and acknowledgment

Simulistics is pleased to acknowledge the contribution of many researchers around the world to the concept, design and implementation of Simile. We would like to thank the following people and institutions.



  • Francesco Giannino, University of Naples
  • Mandy Haggith, World Forests
  • Alistair Hamilton, University of Edinburgh
  • Georg Hoermann, Kiel University
  • Allan Kelly, University of Edinburgh
  • Chris Legg, International Institute of Tropical Agriculture
  • Colin Legg, University of Edinburgh
  • Stefano Mazzoleni, University of Naples
  • Brian McIntosh, University of Edinburgh
  • John Palmer, NR International
  • Ravi Prabhu, Centre for International Forest Research
  • Ed Rowe, Wageningen University
  • Fergus Sinclair, University of Bangor
  • Jerry Vanclay, Southern Cross University
  • Howard Wright, Oxford Forestry Institute


  • Forestry Research Programme, Department for International Development
  • Environment Programme, European Union
  • University of Edinburgh