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R language interface version 1.3 released

The R Language Interface makes it possible to load, parameterize, execute and interrogate a previously saved Simile model within an R language script.

The interface package for doing so is available via The Comprehensive R Archive Network ( by the name Simile. The new version is 1.3. It is compatible with all Simile platforms, and works with Simile version 5.97, 6.0 or later. Modellers with these Simile versions should use the latest R Language Interface package. It also simplifies some of the interface commands by providing default values for more arguments.

R is a scripting language especially designed for statistical manipulation of data. It is open-source, freely available and widely used. The Simile model interface is just one of thousands of available extension packages for R.

To use a model via the R interface, a compiled binary executable for the model must be created. As of Simile v6.0, this is possible with any edition of Simile, including the Evaluation edition, but the same restrictions apply to executing the code via the R interface as would apply to loading and running a saved model.

The R interface includes full documentation in the normal R style, and an example that plots data from a Simile model on the R plotter tool.

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