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Simile v6.0 Released

Simile v6.0 Released

The new major release of Simile enhances the capabilities of the tool
by allowing discrete events to be included in simulations. These are
implemented by a new set of symbols which integrate seamlessly with
the system-dynamic and object/agent-based functionality.

Discrete-event based simulation

Discrete events can be triggered by limit conditions on the
continuously variable model components, or according to time series
data, or by other events after a delay. They can cause instantaneous
changes in compartment levels or changes in rule-based states, another
innovation in this version.

Diagram-defined functions

Simile v6.0 also allows functions in the equation language to be
defined by separate small Simile models, making them easier to create
than the old macro-defined functions, and increasing their
capabilities to include internal states and arrays.

Built-in presentation tool

For education and presentation purposes, it is now possible to 'can' a
Simile editing session and then recapitulate it, jumping between
pre-defined points in the editing sequence to show important stages in
model creation.

New distribution formats

Users of Linux and MacOS get new distribution formats. The new version
is distributed as a .deb (for Debian, Ubuntu, Mint and other
Debian-based distributions) and as a .rpm (for Fedora, CentOS, SuSe,
Mageia and other distributions using RPM package management). These
should install along with their dependencies by simply doubleclicking
on them. The Mac distribution is now a tar file containing a .pkg
installer. 32- and 64-bit versions are now avaiable for all editions
and OS.

We wish you happy and productive modelling.
The Simile team

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