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Simile version 6.11 released

Simile version 6.11 released

This version introduces the ability for a Simile submodel to implement a connection to a separate program via a named pipe or Unix socket. This means that models developed in other tools can be used as components in Simile models.

Other changes since the original version 6.10:


  • Pause button takes effect quicker in Windows
  • Mac varsion help now includes Spotlight
  • Simile is now scaling-aware in Windows. so looks good on 4k+ displays
  • Any available font can now be selected for model component captions
  • Y-axis captions on plotter now shown vertically next to scale values
  • SVG images can now be exported from submodels
  • Code for submodels implemented as c procedures can now include system headers
  • Influences now appear 'pulsed' if carrying discrete events rather than continuous values
  • Columns in table helper resize automatically to fit their header text
  • Pure discrete models now twice as fast

Bug fixes

  • Moving a slider could cut a population, or update the next result of the 'last()' function, while the model was paused
  • var_delay() function now works better with unusual time units
  • If a discrete model has a chain of states that influence each other, and an event updates all of them, each value should only propagate one step along the chain per occurrence of the event
  • Many, many others too trivial to mention

New preferences

  • Column separator when saving .csv files (separator for loading a .csv now chosen in the load dialogue)

  • Options to the c++ compiler for building model code

Download Simile v6.11 now!

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