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Simile version 6.2 released

The main point of this release is to bring the bundled compilers up-to-date, along with other libraries with which Simile can interact, but there are other enhancements and fixes too.

Bundled compilers updated to g++ 4.9

They should now work with all current versions of Windows and MacOS as well as still supporting older versions. Simile's Linux version still uses a compiler packaged with the Linux distribution.

New helper tools:

  • Data logger
  • Text view -- not really an I/O tool but allows notes to be included in model execution interface

New features:

  • Model can be set to pause when a compartment goes outside its defined min/max limits
  • Layer helper can save still images and movies (as sequence of stills)

Features improved:

Download Simile v6.2 now!

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