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Simile version 6.4 released

The latest version of Simile corrects yet more minor problems and inconveniences, and introduces some new features.

Problems fixed:

  • Failure to launch if computer is online but web requests are being redirected, e.g., to a service login page
  • Some cases where Simile would hang after saving a model have been remedied
  • A model run could pause unnecessarily at certain times if time units set to second

New Features:

  • Scripting example provided using Data Logger tool
  • Generic 3-D shapes visualization tool -- display model data as lines, spheres or ellipses, and view as current lollipop diagram
  • Tool to initialize pseudo-random sequence has been reinstated

Added convenience:

  • Scripts now run properly whatever the current directory is set to
  • Working files in Windows always kept under "My Documents" even if this has been moved to a different location
  • Linux version starts OK on systems where the default TclTk version is lower than 8.5

  • Some problems with scripting examples in Windows fixed: "bad geometry 0", "can't access myNode"...

  • Project is reopened with execution etc when started with the icon as well as the menu

  • Licence code is always requested when Simile is reinstalled, making licence upgrade easier

  • Large models with lots of enumerated-type constants build a lot faster

  • Auto complete text in equation bar can be accepted with Tab key

  • Entry fields and buttons can be highlighted in sequence with Tab key and activated with Return key

Download Simile v6.4 now!

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