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Simile version 6.8 released

Changes since 6.7 original:


OS Compatibility

Windows version uses latest GUI toolkit allowing models with non-ASCII names to be opened by doubleclicking or dragging.

Also, other files referred by the model (parameter metafile and helper setup file) can now open automatically with it if they have non-ASCII characters in their names.

Mac version now includes latest GUI toolkit, rather than using older version built in to Mac, reducing crashes.

A very rare crash exporting model diagrams as PostScript from the Mac version has been fixed. Various other Mac problems due to ongoing changes to the OS have also been fixed.

ARMHF version no longer requires installation of SWI-Prolog

Model execution

Altering a variable parameter, e.g., by adjusting a slider, now causes its new value to appear in the model immediately, along with the values of other variables that depend on it. Display tools are updated immediately with these new values.

Variable parameters are now set to their default values on model reset, as carrying them over from the previous run can cause unexplained differences between runs. Values for a run can now be loaded after reset and take effect immediately.

Ease of use

Old equations now appear in the drop-down menu for re-selection whether entered in the equation dialogue or the equation bar

3-D Shape Viewer can now be printed and export PostScript, and all canvas-based viewers can export SVG

You can load a file parameter from 'data in columns' getting the number of the row with each set of indices rather than the value from another column. This can then be used as the row index for data in a grid, allowing multidimensional arrays to be loaded from grids.

Model components must now have some printing character in their names

Several error messages have been made clearer


Sometimes installing a paid version did not upgrade licence when installed on top of evaluation version -- this is fixed

It's now possible to search text in equations of models that include rule-based state variables

Problems plotting variables with square brackets (and some other rarities) in name are fixed

Undo and redo buttons now always work only on their own model window

Download Simile v6.8 now!

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