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Simile version 7.1 Released

Improvements since v7.0:

  • Model diagram:
    • Compartments getting their initial values as parameters now drawn with 'scroll' decoration
    • Variables could look 'smudged' when zoomed out a lot, now they look more recognizable
    • Grid spacing remains regular after zooming out a long way and in
    • Ghosts look more consistent, with compartment/state bodies and all stack decorations stippled
    • Zooming to selection is more accurate in cases where the selected component(s) are barely visible
  • Model building:
    • A lot of improvements in speed, robustness and correctness of the process of putting the calculation of values throughout the model in the right order
    • Errors from attempting to do impossible base-instance lookups now produce relevant and understandable messages
  • Model execution:
    • A lot of problems with saving and restoring experiment setup have been fixed
    • 'debug mode' works in a lot more cases
    • Model diagram in browser looks better in web execution
  • Visualization tools:
    • 3-D views can now be panned and zoomed while model is running
    • Multiple 3-D views per model supported
    • Better 'dark mode' support, with fewer illegible-text problems
    • If execution stops midway through a display interval, displays are updated to show final state
  • Bugs fixed:
    • 'in_preceding()' function could do something different from its documentation description in a multi-dimensional submodel
    • Loss channel of a population could not be a boolean value for certain survival or death
    • Event delayed by 'after()' function could not be a boolean
    • With units in math enabled, units could get lost if combining subexpressions with reciprocal units, e.g., x/second + y/minute.
    • Likewise, zero combined with an integer, e.g., if x then 6 else 0, would always have units real, when they should also be integer.
    • Comma in name of a submodel containing variable parameters could cause a crash
    • % symbol in name of a file parameter caused failure to build
    • Underscores and spaces in enumerated type member names could cause problems with data for file parameters of these types
    • Compartments getting their initial values as file parameters failed to update due to flows or squirts
    • Data from variable-membership submodels could not be displayed in some 2-D layers
    • Enumerated-type values could get enquoted multiple times when entered as file parameter values

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