Model error closes Simile as it is opening.

Category:bug report
Assigned:John E. Rogers04

When i try to open the my most recent model it prematurely terminates Simile 6.5.  We had a lot of weather problems with our electricity and the powere was going off and on. I don't Know if that made a difference.



There was an issue I found where Simile could miss some dependency loops and hang while trying to build the model, and a separate issue where if a model was run when opened, and then changes were restored from a logfile, it would try to run again after restoring -- repeating the above hang if it happened. Both these have been fixed in the latest patch release.

If this does not sound like your problem, please send a copy of your model to and I will try to work out what it is doing.



Found some corruption in the saved model file (at line 121867) -- doesn't look like it was Simile that caused it. If you need this model badly, let me know and I'll try to recover it...