Simile version 6.2 released

The main point of this release is to bring the bundled compilers up-to-date, along with other libraries with which Simile can interact, but there are other enhancements and fixes too.

Bundled compilers updated to g++ 4.9

They should now work with all current versions of Windows and MacOS as well as still supporting older versions. Simile's Linux version still uses a compiler packaged with the Linux distribution.

Simile v5.8 released, with 64-bit versions

Simile v5.8 released

The latest version of Simile includes 64-bit versions for Windows and Linux. In order to run these, you will need to be using a 64-bit version of the appropriate operating system. 64-bit Simile for MacOS X is coming soon.

More bits means less waiting

The 64-bit version builds models up to 70% faster than the 32-bit version, and runs them up to 25% faster. Graphics performance is also improved, and very much more complex models can be handled (although we have not yet come across any models too complex for the 32-bit version).

Discrete event simulation under development -- testers needed

The next minor version of Simile will be released soon, but looking beyond that, we are working on adding discrete-event handling capabilities to the software. These capabilities will integrate seamlessly with Simile's current functionality, enabling event-driven processes to be incorporated in all types of submodel, and also allowing instances of variable-membership submodels to be created or destroyed by events. It is also our intention that Simile's representation of events will support any functionality that is allowed by events in the the SBML Level 2 specification.


This is the home page for VarML.


Diagrammatic model specification, model implementation and executable model control and visualisation software.

The current release is available for download:

  • to new customers, from the Simile products page.
  • to existing customers, from their account page (from the Community menu select the My account).

Graph function

Dear Simile Team,

I hope my e-mail finds you very well.

Simile version 6.8 released

Changes since 6.7 original:


OS Compatibility

Windows version uses latest GUI toolkit allowing models with non-ASCII names to be opened by doubleclicking or dragging.

Also, other files referred by the model (parameter metafile and helper setup file) can now open automatically with it if they have non-ASCII characters in their names.

Mac version now includes latest GUI toolkit, rather than using older version built in to Mac, reducing crashes.

Simile 6.8

Release notes


New version 6.7 64bit DEB for download


could you make the new version 6.7 64bit DEB available under my files to download?

Thanks very much.

Best, Ulrich

Simile v6.7 in R cannot load spf

Dear Jasper,

As I recently upgraded to Simile 6.7, my R scripts, which were working fine with v6.6, no longer work.

The following error appears:

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