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Dear Jasper,

First thank you for fixing the download link and putting the 64-bit version.

However, I now get an issue when using R:

> use.simile.at("C:/Program Files/Simile6.6")
Error in structure(.External(.C_dotTclObjv, objv), class = "tclObj") :
  [tcl] couldn't load library "C:/Program Files/Simile6.6/System64/lib/Stubs/ame_dll66.dll": A function specified in the import table could not be resolved by the system.  Windows is not telling which one, I'm sorry..

And this time, both Simile and R are well in 64-bit..

Thanks in advance,




Having problems reproducing this at the moment as the R package repositories seem to be having problems!


OK, the package repositories seem to be working again now. I have no problems using the current R version and interface to 64-bit Simile v6.6. It may be that there is some .dll missing from your Windows system which is normally present. Which Windows version are you using?

Also I am assuming that you can run 64-bit Simile OK from the desktop...


Indeed, Simile works fine from the Desktop.

I use windows 7 Professional (with Service Pack 1).

Other infos in case:
Processor intel Core i5-3230M 2.60 GHz
16 GB RAMTcl Tk v8.6

Tell me if you want I test something from my side for you.





You say you have TclTk v8.6 installed -- this might be causing the problem. Simile comes bundled with its own instance of TclTk which it uses when you run it from the desktop. When you start the Simile interface in R, that loads its own version of Tcl (Not Tk, the graphics in R use something different) and that interfaces with the Simile shared libraries. Simile for Windows currently includes TclTk 8.5 but can also work with 8.6. R also uses Tcl 8.5 and I am not sure about 8.6 compatibility. So the fact that you have TclTk 8.6 installed may be causing your problem, if R is picking up components of this installation.

One thing you might try is 'hiding' your TclTk installation, e.g., if its top directory is c:\Tcl you could move this inside another directory on c:\ or just rename it. This should allow R or Simile to start up with all their own files.




I have completely removed the Tcl I had, re-installed Simile, and restarted the computer, but the issue still remains...

In my Simile folder, I have:

Simile6.6 > System64 > lib > tcl8 > 8.4 & 8.5


Simile6.6 > System64 > lib > tcl8 > tcl8.5

in case it can help.

Also, I have PEST installed, and C:\PEST added to the PATH variable of the computer. I don't think it should be relevant, but still..


This is something we have seen before with some Windows software -- not just Simile. You could try installing Dependency Walker to locate the missing function -- I think in the past there have been unwanted dependencies on ieframe.dll.



Actually its ieshims.dll the file that can be misplaced and cause this sort of problem.


Dear Jasper,

I tried many things on my side before answering you.

In the end, I have Simile working in Rterm, but not in Rstudio. I cannot yet figure out why, but that means the issue is from R or my system, and not Simile. Good news! :)

One thing that seems helped was to add the Simile tcl folder to the Path variable of the system. Although I also re-installed evrything on my computer, so the reason may be there too... I just tell you in case the issue come back.

And FYI, concerning dependency walker, well it highlighted some issues that were not issue in fact. After reading about it, it sems a bit outdated, and so you know, does not really work in the case of dlls for Simile apparently.

I will tell you if I find about Rstudio.

Thanks again,




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Was there any resolution to this issue?  I'm getting the same error message on RStudio with use.simile.at.  R and Simile are both 64-bit.  




The previous poster said it was working OK from RTerm, is this the case for you too?

I have no problems on my own Windows 10 installation, despite only being able to run it in Safe Mode



It's not working using Rterm.  Same error related to ame_dll.  I'm using windows 7 but we're upgrading to 10 soon.  Thanks- Laura


One possible source of problems is when R uses an older version of TclTk than that on which Simile was compiled. The Windows version of Simile uses 8.5.19, and thus a version of R with an older 8.5.x will attempt to use it but may not succeed. To find out what your TclTk version is, open an R console and type



If this is the problem then installing a newer version of R might help.

Benedetto, are you still reading this? Can you think of anything that might help Laura?



Dear Laura and Jasper,

Unfortunately, I cannot help you specifcally. But indeed, issues might come from the tcl version, since what I did at some point is uninstall from my computer everything that is related to R, Rstudio, Simile or tcl, and re-installed everything. And indeed, I initially had another tcl version than the one that comes with Simile, and now everything works fine even in Rstudio. Cannot tell you more.