VarML Development Group

This group is concerned with the development of VarML, a markup language for variables in models and datasets.

A list of the most recent pages is included below.


This is the home page for VarML.

XSugar stylesheet for CF-metadata "standard names"

This page contains the XSugar stylesheet for inter-converting between CF-metadata's plain-text format for standard names and a corresponding XML format.   This stylesheet may be used for parsing standard names (i.e. check that they conform to rules specifying how such names may be constructed), as well as for conversion in either direction.

Note that everything below the horizontal line is that actual XSugar stylesheet - this is the master copy.  So only edit it if you know what you are doing!

Standard Name grammar and XML conversion using XSugar

This page is concerned with the use of XSugar for parsing CF metadata "standard names", and for inter-conversion between CF-metadata's plain-text format and the corresponding XML format.

CF metadata

This is the home page for work related to CF metadata, especially that connected with "standard names".

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