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Blogging about site development

I logged out to see how the site was looking to anonymous vistors and a very small amount of looking around had me swamped in blog entries about developing the site so I've installed the Added taxonomy access module (see blog entry). If blog entries are tagged with sitedev they are hidden from all but administrators (actually other roles are denied  access and any new roles (groups) will have to  have their  access  configured).

Any problems?


good idea, now all we have to remember is to use sitedev...

I guess that is a bit of a problem. If the odd blog entry ends up being visible to to users it doesn't really matter it would just be a little bit of clutter. The main problem with users seeing sitedev material is if the cluttter really get in the way of material of interest to them.


I don't see any blogs if I'm logged out or logged in as "normal_user" (password: user).