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User defined functions: user defined macros: Enviromental functions

Over the years I have been building a library of environmental functions (in the form of a text file usable by Simile ( This library is useful, in the main, in plant ecophysiology. To use this file save it without the .txt at the end of the name in you user functions directory ("My Documents\My Simile Files\Functions" on Windows).

Optimizing model output using the R project Simile package

Based on the Optimizing model output example using SimileScripting and the Tcllib optimization package math::optimize this post is about reimplmenting the same problem using the R project Simile model package.


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Attempting to set up login by reference to social networing sites

 I am at present attempting to configure the web site to accept login (and registration) via various social networking sites to save users form having yet another set of login  credentials for this site. 

So currently glyphs prompting login via Google Facebook etc may well appaear but not work until I have the configuration correct.

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ModelMaker to Simile conversion basic elements

I have been working on converting ModelMaker (  version 4 models (*.mod) to Simile version 5.9.

ModelMaker compartments, variables, defines and parameters now seem to be handled. Events and tables are not yet handled.

New publications page

We are asked from time to time for a list of Simile related publications and so have added a publications page. This isn't comprehensive yet but is released now to get the ball rolling.

All registered users can add items to the list, so if you have a relevant publication or know of one we've missed please add an entry!


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Attaching files to posts

Using the File attachments section below this Body text box.

Scroll down the edit page to the File attachments section, use the Attach new file: browse button to select the file to upload the file and click the attach button.

Drupal updated but FCKeditor nolonger available

Drupal has updated been updated to fix all security warnings and also some other recommended updates but the FCKeditor is no longer available.

Module Mass Contact broken

Could uninstall it.

  • remove permissions
  • disable the module
  • uninstall

Then reinstall.

Installed the projects module but it doesn't work

I've installed the projects module along with the project issuses module. I am hoping that it will deal with the Simile issues list we have been planning to make public. We could also have a wish list.

We have also talked of distributing helpers seperately from the main Simile installation (actually we for Simile version 3). Project releases would help us handled this and each released file could have an issues and a wish list.

Updated to Drupal 5.5 and tagadelic

I've updated our Drupal instsallsation to version 5.5 from 5.3. Mark was going to upgrade to version 5.4 the but problem with the Projects module prompted me to upgrade in the hope that it would fix those problems. It didn't.

Upgrading was a simple matter of following the instuctions in the upgrade package.



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