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Replies (and other comments) should have descriptive titles

I've found the recent comments list useful but replies come up in the list out of context and very short titles like "yes" and "done" don't mean much. Descriptive titles that stand on their own would make the list more useful.


Ok, the "Recent comments" section doesn't make much sense without it.

Though maybe we could add the title of the blog post to which the comment was written in the "Recent comments" section, with the title of the comment beneath. That would give context to the comment and allow the titles to be shorter replies to the main post. I think you could do this with views, but as it's getting data from different sources (blogs and comments) it might not be that easy.

It's probably not worth the effort for now, but I might look into it at some point.

Good idea. Adding the blog entry title would  work and be a nice feature  but, as you say, there are more important things todo yet.