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Working with external data : Time series

In the section on time series formats, we saw that the series includes special time points and special values to specify what what values to use away from the actual data points. If you are using one of the mechanisms provided by the table data dialogue to get your data, you do not have the opportunity to include these special points (unless they happen to be in your .csv file, and if they are, they work fine). But you can get the same effect by including them with the tools in the 'other times' panel in the top right corner. These are only available if providing values for a variable parameter when running the model. 

The pulldown menu for "Between points" allows you to select from three options which have the same effect as the special values for the time point OTHERS: "use_last", "use_closest" and "interpolate". The entry for "Wraparound at" has the same effect as the time point given for the special value "restart".

There is also an entry field to set the units for your time series indices as described for the INTERVAL point.

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