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Working with external data : View/edit as table

Once you are in the table data dialogue, you can hit the View/Edit button to bring up a version of the table helper to display your data and, if necessary, edit it. The data need not have come from a file; it might just have been typed into the entry field of the file parameters dialogue. However it will not work if the data has been loaded as raw data from the scenario file.

This tool has all the features of the table helper, i.e., you can arrange the different index and time point headings vertically or horizontally, and you can save the displayed data as a .csv file. It also allows you to edit the data, either by typing values into individual fields or by cutting and pasting a grid of values into the grid. For example, a quick way to transpose a square array: Put outer indices on rows and inner ones on columns, then cut all the data, then put inner indices on rows and outer ones on columns and paste it back in.

The main use of this tool though is to check after reading data from a file, using whatever method, that you have actually picked up the data you intended to get.

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