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Working with model diagrams : Preferences

Preferences dialogue box

You can specify your preferred settings for the interface. The settings are edited using the preferences dialogue box. The settings are stored between sessions in a file called "prefs" in the .simile hidden folder in your home directory. The settings are stored in this file automatically; there is no need to edit it yourself.

The preferences box is displayed by selecting the last item in the "Edit" or context menu, but the preferences always apply to the whole of Simile. It is a 'persistent' rather than a modal box, which means you can continue working with Simile while it is displayed. Most changes take effect instantly, though some only apply when you actually interact with the relevant part of the diagram (e.g., flow routing). Those where you have to type in a preference (e.g., numerical) can be made to take effect immediately by hitting Return. The "OK" or "Cancel" buttons will remove the box; "OK" saves changes to the preferences, while "Cancel" puts the preferences back as they were when it was opened.

The options are displayed in six sections, in a tabbed notebook in the box:

  • Layout, for options relating to how the diagram window looks
  • Content, for options relating to popups and dialogues
  • Edit, to control the model design process
  • Build, for options which affect how the model is converted into a program
  • Save, for choices about how much information to save
  • Run, for options about how the output of the model is presented.

Please consult each section for further help.

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