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Simile v5.8 released, with 64-bit versions

Simile v5.8 released

The latest version of Simile includes 64-bit versions for Windows and Linux. In order to run these, you will need to be using a 64-bit version of the appropriate operating system. 64-bit Simile for MacOS X is coming soon.

More bits means less waiting

The 64-bit version builds models up to 70% faster than the 32-bit version, and runs them up to 25% faster. Graphics performance is also improved, and very much more complex models can be handled (although we have not yet come across any models too complex for the 32-bit version).

Gained in translation

Simile v5.8 supports a standard methodology for creating localized versions by translating all the English text into other languages. We have created a discussion group on this topic and posted instructions for generating and implementing translations. Email to gain access to this group.

In addition, the following improvements have been made. These include a larger-than-usual crop of bug fixes, as the switch to TclTk 8.5 in the last release caused a few problems which took a while to shake out.

Equation language:

  • New function, in_progenitor(), returns the value an expression would have in the individual that reproduced the current one in a population submodel
  • in_preceding() function now works when used for values calculated when submodel instances are initialized

Model diagram:

  • Handling of clicks on the model window has been improved, making it easier to hit the right target
  • Model diagram text components could not be added in the last version, now they can
  • 'Stack' graphics have been added for array-dimensioned flows
  • Changing a variable with incoming influences into a file parameter caused the influences to become 'phantoms', cluttering the diagram. Fixed...


  • "See all..." button now more reliably gets all problems with an operation reported in a single dialogue
  • Occasionally, clicking "See all..." on a query generated while a modal dialogue (e.g., file parameters) was displayed could lock up the user interface. This is fixed.
  • Snapshot window's title is updated when its contents are, including when component is re-snapped

I/O Tools:

  • Run-time sketch graph editor has been fixed under MacOS, and made more reliable under Linux
  • Accidental scrolling of windows without scrollbars by means of the scroll wheel has been stopped
  • Occasional crash displaying a very large data grid (>1000x1000) has been fixed
  • Having a plotter try to display the result of a bad math operation stopped the model, now it just generates a warning and the model runs on


  • Problems with exporting shared libraries in the Enterprise edition have been fixed
  • Adaptive step size variation can now be controlled from the scripting language
  • Scenario files can now be saved even if they do not contain values for all components in their submodel that require them
  • Printing under Windows could produce blank output if for some reason the internal coordinates of the diagram being printed had gone negative -- not any more
  • Problem loading file parameters whose caption contained a line break has been fixed
  • Printing equation listings under Windows has been fixed
  • Usual selection of very minor fixes and improvements

Download Simile v5.8 now!



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