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Simile version 6.8 released

Changes since 6.7 original:


OS Compatibility

Windows version uses latest GUI toolkit allowing models with non-ASCII names to be opened by doubleclicking or dragging.

Also, other files referred by the model (parameter metafile and helper setup file) can now open automatically with it if they have non-ASCII characters in their names.

Mac version now includes latest GUI toolkit, rather than using older version built in to Mac, reducing crashes.

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Simile version 6.7 released

The latest version of Simile deals with some problems that have cropped up on newer operating systems, harmonizes some aspects of model behaviour, fixes some problems with unit checking and makes the user interface more robust.

Working with new OS

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Simile for ARM Linux released

Simile is now available as a Debian Linux package for the ARM hf architecture. It will now run on ARM devices on which Linux has been installed. These include:

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Simile version 6.6.Released

Ths version has two main purposes:

  • To incorporate new functions allowing Simile to conform to the core XMILE standard
  • To improve memory management, enabling very large models to be edited and executed more easily.


XMILE is a new standard, currently under development, enabling system dynamics models to be exchanged between a variety of modelling tools. It will also allow models to be processed by a range of data presentation and comparison tools.

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Simile version 6.5 Released

This version has two main purposes:

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Execute Simile models in a Web Browser

SimiLive is here!

We are pleased to announce the availability of SimiLive, our new web-based model execution service. With SimiLive you can:

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Simile version 6.4 released

The latest version of Simile corrects yet more minor problems and inconveniences, and introduces some new features.

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50% off for Linux users!

Simile's Linux version has all the functionality of the Windows and Mac versions, and is easier to support, since several of the tools on which Simile is built have a Linux heritage. All saved models, parameter files and visualization setups are fully compatible between Linux and other OS versions. However, we have relatively few Linux customers.

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Simile version 6.3 Released

The latest Simile is now version 6.3. This is a maintenance release that corrects some issues with earlier releases and also adds to existing functionality making it more useful.

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Simile version 6.1 released

Simile version 6.1 released

This minor version adds some useful new functionality to Simile v6. Note: a patch release was made on 7th February 2014 correcting a few problems identified after the release.

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