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Allows pages to be selected as news articles. There is already a News term for the Article type but I envisage moving all Article nodes to Page nodes. It may be appropriate, at a later stage, to make sub-terms, e.g. "General interest" and "web site" occurred to me but at the moment it seems "web site" related news is probably of general interest to any one visiting the site.

R project plugin for model execution released

It is now possible to load, parameterize, execute and interrogate a previously saved Simile model within an R language script.
The interface package for doing so is available via The Comprehensive R Archive Network ( by the name Simile. Current version is 1.1. It is compatible with all Simile platforms, and requires Simile version 5.8 or later.

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Simile v5.9 released

Simile v5.9 is a maintenance release, providing incremental improvements to many existing features and fixing some problems that have come up.

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Simile listed on Mac Informer

Simile 5.8 is now listed on at Mac Informer, a system maintenance tool for the Mac.

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Simile v5.0 released

What's new in Simile v5.0?

Released December 2007

Simile 5.0 has the same fast response time when editing very large models as when editing small ones, and builds even the largest models (over 2000 components) in around a minute. It has adaptive step size control, for more efficient model execution. There are also a large number of other improvements and bug fixes. Here is a list of some of the more significant improvements that have been made over Simile v4.9:

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