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Descriptive statistics

This is a submodel that calculates statistics describing the distribution of values of a single variable stored in an array. TestDescriptiveStats.sml includes the DescriptiveStats submodel that can be used in your own models by using plug and play. It could also be extended to calculate further statistics.

The following statistics are calculated:

  • Mean
  • Variance
  • Standard deviation
  • Average deviation
  • Kurtosis
  • Skewness

Two test data sets are provided :




Standard deviation








These test data are from reference data sets produced by the EUROMETROS (a European Collaboration in Measurement Standards project) for evaluating the numerical accuracy of the results produced by scientific software.

These data are not time series and so there is no need to run this model, since the calculations are done instantaneously. Running for a longer period will cause exactly the same calculations to be repeated each time step. Of course, if the input data were varying, as they would be in your own model, then the descriptive statistics will change each time step to reflect the changing data.

Example to calculate the statistics for the data in params11.spf:

  1. Open the model in Simile
  2. Run the model.
  3. When the "Enter file parameters" dialog appears click the "Load File" button and choose params11.spf
  4. Examine the values of the variables by mousing over the variables on the model window or model explorer or load the display configuration file TestDesriptiveStats.shf to have the values displayed in a table.

Download the model file and include it in your own models using Simile’s plug-and-play features.

Files :