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Case studies

When people first see Simile’s intuitive interface, they assume it was developed for use in teaching. Not so. The prime motivation was – and still is – to meet the needs of the ecological and environmental research communities. Any modelling environment that sets out to do this must be:

  • expressive, to capture the wide range of concepts use in ecological and environmental modelling, such as spatial modelling, individual-based modelling and human decision-making;
  • powerful, to handle the large, complex models developed in these fields, large and complex both in terms of the number of equations and the degree of disggregation; and
  • intuitive and transparent, to make it easier for researchers to build models and communicate them to others.

To demonstrate Simile’s suitability for research-grade modelling, we introduce here two major international research programmes in which Simile has played a leading role. More information can be found by following the links.

If you are involved in a research project, and see a role for Simile within that project, please contact us. We are always happy to discuss possible collaboration.