Model templates

Simile's modelling language is based on a small number of primitives. Once we move beyond basis System Dynamics, then there is something of a gap between the concepts a modeller uses when thinking about the problem, and the Simile constructs that have to be assembled together to represent that concept.

The idea is that any model partial (or complete) implementing high-level modelling concepts: Stella oven, age-class model, spatial-grid model, etc can be pasted in to a model diagram to provide the framework for all or part of a final model. Most templates will contain some red (not fully specified) elements. This is where the user links in to the rest of their model.

Title thumbnail Description
Flow between layers - using association submodel

This template is for modelling the flow of some substance between multiple layers.  A typical application would be for modelling the flow of, for example, water or heat between soil layers.

Concentration-dependent outflow

You have a physical container with two substances, say water and salt.   You know the expression which governs the flow of water out of the container, and need to work out the rate at which salt flows out.  

Agent in patch

This template represents an agent or individual moving over a surface represented by a grid, for example, animals (agents) moving through vegetation represented by a grid or air parcels moving over a surface in a Langrangian model.